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Designed for permanent seals across many building applications. User friendly with a strong premium acrylic adhesive system makes the VapourSeal the best specialty tape on the Australian market.  

UV Resistance
Hand Tearable
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Joist Protection

VapourSeal protects your deck joists and framing for decades, preventing water damage and rot from stealing years away from the longevity of the deck.

It’s quick and easy to apply VapourSeal directly to the frame. Ensure pressure is applied to achieve maximum adhesion and fold the edges over the frame so that moisture runs off. VapourSeal can be repositioned in the immediate short-term during installation.

Available in 50mm and 100mm widths. Other sizes can be converted upon request.

Vapour Permeable House Wraps 

VapourSeal has a high-tack premium acrylic adhesive enabling it to seal and join to Vapour permeable wall wraps to last the lifetime of the build. VapourSeal creates a permanent moisture barrier and seal which will greatly improve thermal efficiency by controlling airflow through the building envelope.

The tape is hand-tearable and there is no paper backing to remove and clean up. This makes installation quick and safe on building sites when on ladders or scaffolds.

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VapourSeal 2_edited.jpg

Window Flashing  

VapourSeal has strong UV and temperature resistance enabling it to be an extremely efficient flashing tape. This involves taping around the windows and rough openings to ensure a permanent seal is created to prevent water from entering the building envelope and acting as an air barrier. It’s important to install VapourSeal correctly to ensure optimal performance and prevent rot and mould occurring.

Click here to see further information on the VapourSeal Tech-Data sheet.


Laverty Constructions 

Watch here to see the VapourSeal being applied to joists by Brennen from @laverty_constructions in their recent Abbortsford Project installing NewTechWood Composite Decking.

Laverty Construction are custom residential builders and are authorised Stratco dealers and installers. Head over their page to see more of their quality craftsmanship!


VapourSeal has proven to be a high quality and cost effective method to offer timber deck framing protection. It's easy to install and comes in various widths which creates versatility within the product. 

Luke Eastaway

Eastaway Carpentry 

VapourSeal is self-wound, has no paper backing which makes it easy and efficient to apply saving us valuable time with minimal wastage. We roll the VapourSeal on all our timber su-frames for joist protection. 

Calum Mudford 

Decking The Burbs 

For us at MGB, we couldn’t more excited about the Vapourseal - the performance is second to none! I’m super stoked not only for my business benefiting from this amazing product, and the work we do together, but also for the industry to grow as a whole and help everyone reach a higher standard of quality building.

Nathan Woollams 

Monumental Building Group 

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